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2023 Łódźkie Sztuki Art Fair in Łódź

2022 Art Exhibition, SztuKeks in Szczecin
2020 Google HO, London, Art design and live installation

2019 STOCLO TOKYO, Exhibition in Tokyo

2019 Menier Art Gallery, collective art exhibition

2017 - 2021 Broccoli Lane Gallery London

2019 Eldorado Festival in Lille

2019 Femme et Fėminitė 2019’ exhibition in Luxembourg

2018 Victoria and Albert Museum, London Frida Kahlo installation

2016 & 2017 Patchings Art Fair demonstrations 

2015 - 2018 Series of art workshops. Collaborations with Pebeo, Cass Art, Hobbycraft and Hochanda TV


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