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Scratching the Surface

Wojtek London Art
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Never trust the surface judgement.
Allow the obvious to slowly pass and wait for the new answers to form...

Growing up in Poland in 80s in a village determined the non-questionable religious education. In little class with Catholic imagery and priests highly devoted to the cause of enlightening and saving young souls.



Even now, after all those years thinking about shadows it has formed makes me uneasy.

In the time when kids explore and don't know any precautions I was heavily influenced by the preaching from the heavens above. Or so
I was made to believe...

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Burberry coats

hand-painted story
of textiles combined with lines, stains and heart...

‘This project was all hand painted on Burberry coats as that was always my preferred canvass…the softness, unpredictability, the folds, imperfections… it was important for few reasons:
it was coming from my heart with the intention for it to be worn on another heart… it was not cold, smooth and perfect like gessoed canvas… it was showing each stroke without ability to reverse the move… it was raw, imperfect with its folds... it was alive. Each coat was then photographed by me and digitised for the special gold print which is hand finished with gold foil and ink and framed within bespoke hand-finished frames’.

Read interview with Lisa from The Flux Review

The project in prints...


Each painting is the reflection of the original image, recognised by many. It is a dialogue between the surface and what is deep inside, map of human behaviours once the comfortable is removed. I wanted to form a dialogue by prompting response to the obvious. Art of conversation when convenience is gone.

My art is focused on deep
emotions of understanding.
It is a visual representation of traumatic experiences and the spiritual path of healing.

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Listen to my Podcast about inspirations
behind Scratching the Surface project

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