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umbra operis, art and life

No ideas, plans and sketches. This time it was to simply to be. Art of stilness and gesture.

That’s it. Nothing to prove. Only to get to my core as much as possible. Gently. Freely. No inner critic.

Ever since I have returned to Poland over two years ago I have been chasing unknown. It felt I wanted to reach that perfect point. But then I realised this chase was an escape rather than a journey…

I stopped one day like a bike on a high curb. Sharply with a pull. Breathless.

Was that really my dream? Where was the happiness of pure creativity? It was all exhilarating and saturated with discoveries yet it felt the dream had been forgotten. As it was not mine anymore. It was everything but lightness. It become project followed by expectations.

But it lacked the celebrations. Not financial achievements, materialistic follow-up but simple joy. Everything was calculated (or at least it felt that way). With a purpose...

But I dreamt of intuitive adventures. Just the way I dance. With eyes closed and trust.

With that pace I burned out and reached the point I was not able to find motivation anymore. It was the time to stop.

To feel how the grass breathes in symbiosis with the soil. How the sun projects light into brave ones’ eyes. Where the smell is so intense one can touch it. Like a dew on spring leaves. Natures pulse. Heat of sun soaked with our cells. Enlightened dreams. And long branches of trees inviting to climb high… closer of the smell of heavens.

But first, before I felt it all I needed to let go. Undo all little tangled pieces of me and allow myself to be myself. No past, no future, just present. I needed to simply be and understand.

With no ideas, plans and sketches. Only a gesture.


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