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Wojtek is an artist who works with a wide range of media such

as inks, watercolours, acrylic paints and fine markers. Each of his pieces combines precise sketched lines, which form intricate organic constructions, with added opaque forms, blended with transparent stains.


That mixture of techniques allows him to build deeply complex psychological portraits, oscillating between physical/visible and deep emotionally & spiritually charged worlds.


While painting, Wojtek commits to meditation, which allows spiritual aspects to enlighten shadow explorations.


Originally from Poland, Wojtek studied Fine Arts at university. Following his move to London, he studied make up artistry and graphic design, seeking additional ways to express his own voice. 


He has exhibited in the UK as well as in Luxembourg and Japan, collaborated with V&A Museum in London, designed an interactive art installation at Google HO in London, and worked on a variety of projects for Pebeo.


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